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Blue Bison will also develop custom desktop applications according to your specifications. Our applications are scalable, and will grow with your business allowing you to take advantage of lower initial development costs.

Blue Bison understands that budgets vary according to circumstances and our desktop development addresses those client needs, which are complemented by smaller development budgets. We also realize that many client requirements can be met on a smaller scale due to small department or organization size; by developing applications according to scale our clients can take advantage of the benefits of our large-scale products but at a fraction of the cost. To this end we have developed several “small scale” applications, which mirror their enterprise versions in functionality, but are developed for use in scaled down environments.

Tour and Dive Reservation System

The most recent addition to our list of in-house developed products is the Blue Bison Tour and Dive Reservation management application. Developed for the tourism tour and dive business, this system captures reservations in real-time from the tour/dive operation website, provides easy searching and organization of reservations, accounting system interfacing, reservations and payment status, pickup information, reservations capacity, boat/bus management and many other features which make running a tour and dive business a breeze.

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